The Mosque of Tinmal


The Mosque of Tin-mal
An excursion of 3 days in 4 X 4 An excursion which makes it possible to penetrate in the High Atlas while passing by the road of Tizi n’Test to the discovery of the Valley of Asni, the gorges of the wadi N’Fis and the famous Mosque of Tin-Mal, real gem of Muslim architecture 5 km away, Moulay Ibrahim, a small village famous for its Moussem which takes place every year after the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet and known for being a place of pilgrimage for the sterile women. In Asni, you will have lunch in a small Moroccan restaurant where you will taste a typical Berber menu. Ouergane, rest station where are exploited some salines in a splendid alpine landscape; starting point for hiking to the N’Fis gorges. In Tin-Mal, the famous Mosque built in tribute to Ibn-Toumert, founder of the Almohad dynasty. Classified as a historic monument, it has an interior architecture of great purity of lines and a decorated stucco work that has made it a model for many Moroccan and Andalusian mosques. A small museum gathers fragments of stone and wood gathered on the site. An excursion that allows to appreciate the permanent contrast between the green valleys and the desert austerity of the mountains which decline for our greatest happiness a palette of colors from red to pink passing by the mallow

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